Flying High Over the Purdue Olympic Sports Venues

Flying Over Alexander Field

The first venue that I made sports images at in the new athletic complex just off of campus was Alexander Field. That seems like a good place to start this post. I have made a couple of flights over the field, and it really amazes me just how good it looks for mid February. My yard doesn’t look this good at the beginning of summer let alone in the middle of winter. I wanted to go up and try and get some views of the stadium that I have not been able to get on the ground. I have made a lot of images of Alexander Field over the years so it was cool to have a new view of it. The photo above is probably my favorite of all of the photos that I made over the course of a couple of days. After making photos of the stadium under cloud cover late in the day I decided to head back one morning in some good light. The sun was coming up perfectly here for me to make an interesting photo.

Flying Over Bittinger Stadium

One of the main goals of my early morning flight was to make some photos of the newly named Bittinger Stadium. The new signage on the stadium is something that I do not have any photos of so I wanted to get them in good light. I think that part of the reason for these two flights I took was the fact that the bat and ball season is starting. Being this far north I will not get to see either of these two teams play for a month or so. I am getting antsy to start photographing these sports again so I am doing the only thing that I can.

Flying Over Folk Field

I had some ideas for Folk Field, but a large white tarp on the field took most of them away. I had one idea left though, and it ended up turning out pretty good. One thing that I love to do in case you haven’t figured that out already is to shoot into the sun. Even with one RAW file you normally cannot get away with this. What I did here though is to take two sets of five exposures of the scene, and merge them into one HDR photo. I was shooting in aperture priority mode with the aperture closed down to get a starburst. In aperture priority I exposed for the sky and made five images. Then I exposed for the building and made five images. A ten image HDR seems like overkill, but I wanted to be sure that I had all of the data that I needed to make the scene look close to what I could see with my eye. At the end of the day I loved this photo, and it might have been my favorite of the trip.

More Merging to Make Larger Photos

I wanted to get some shots from directly overhead of both stadiums for a project that I am working on. I made many pictures of each stadium to put together. After I did so I realized that the two projects would fit together to make one large pano. Had I known that I would do this I would have changed a couple of things, but this was a very cool happy little accident.

More Photos of the Stadiums

Below are a few bonus photos from the various sports venues west of campus over the course of a couple of days.


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