Another Aerial Sunset Over West Lafayette, Indiana

Flying High to Capture a Great Sunset

Before I bought my DJI Phantom 4 Pro I would often see a great sunset about to happen, but I knew that I wouldn’t have any time to get somewhere with an interesting foreground. Now that I have the drone I can quickly get it up in the air and over to something to see the sunset. I have really settled a lot on the water tower and Cumberland Avenue. I love the way that Cumberland bends into the sunset, and the water tower provides something of interest at least in the foreground. I am still learning this thing so every flight is another one to figure out just how to get what I want. Here things worked out to make an interesting photo for me.

Missing the Snow Moon

The real story of the night was the eclipse of the snow moon. Of course clouds moved in right at moonrise to kind of put the damper on any thoughts of shooting that. I was at home anyway with my daughter so unless the conditions were perfect we were not going out. I did turn the drone around though to see the moon rise a few times. I love the sky over the river with the moon coming up. This is my only photo of the snow moon, but I had a beautiful sunset to occupy my time.

More on Facebook Live

When I made it up and realized that the sky was going to light up I decided to go live on Facebook Live. This is a cool feature that allows me to share exactly what I am seeing from my quadcopter. The audio feed comes from my phone which is right in front of me. Here you get to hear my boring commentary, and as a bonus my daughter chips in a bit at the end. I just need to let her narrate my videos as they would probably be more interesting.


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