What Do You Want to Do Next Dzia Dzia?

The Little Things in Life

One of my favorite shoots that I do is one at my daughter’s school. I don’t have set goals of numbers or shot lists, but rather just a task of making interesting images of the kids. I don’t publish most of them, but every now and then I make one of my daughter that I want to show off a little. Here Lanie is talking to her Dzia Dzia (Grandpa) and showing him some of her favorite works in the classroom. This was a cute moment that I was there to capture. Normally I am running around trying to do this for twenty-two kids, but this was later when the class had thinned out a bit. It was easier to just focus on Lanie, and the moment. If I could I would fill up the photos of the week most weeks with the images that I make at the school. The photos are not for me though so I keep them right where they should be.

What is Your Hobby?

The fun thing about photography for me is that it is my hobby, but I also get paid for it. When I am not shooting for money I go out and photograph things for fun. At some point I would think that I would burn out, but I have been shooting non stop for nearly six years straight now. I rarely go through a day without making some sort of image. This is what I love, and I think that the love shows up in my work. Is it weird to have a hobby that is the same as my job?


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