Lucky Table 13

Photographing the Bowl For Kids Sake

I don’t always post about every shoot that I do, but this one was kind of special. It was for the Bowl For Kids Sake event by the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lafayette. The photos are for them, and I don’t plan on posting any of them here. One photo that I really did like was this one that I made early on before we got going. I love the way the light plays together here. The only place you can find light like this anymore is a bowling alley or a roller rink. I knew that I had a photo so I made this one with the thought of posting it here. I wanted to be able to use this little platform that I have here to talk about the many good things that Big Brothers and Big Sisters do for both the bigs and the littles in the relationship. It is a great organization that deserves your attention. Give them a look through the links that I have provided.

Expecting the Unexpected

In the middle of our shoot yesterday the entire bowling alley lost power. Of course our strobes need power too so at first I thought that we were done. I went out into the alley to make some photos of the bowlers having fun with the lights out. iPhone lights are very powerful, and really helped make some of my favorite images of the day. We decided to try and move on with the portraits using the natural window light. My friend Trevor Mahlmann. came up with the bright idea of bouncing my strobe off of the ceiling to add to the ambient light. It worked great, and got us through the shoot. The only reason that the speed light was in the bag in the first place was an emergency of some sort, and it came in handy for us yesterday. Big or small something can go wrong on nearly every shoot that you have. Over preparing can help make big things like losing power become insignificant.


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