Photographing Xavier Basketball at Hinkle Fieldhouse

Back in Hinkle Fieldhouse Again

One very cool thing about living here I do is that I get to photograph a couple of games in Hinkle Fieldhouse every year. Luckily two of the teams that I cover played in Hinkle this basketball season. In December Indiana State made the trip, and yesterday the Xavier women’s team played in historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. I have been looking forward to this game for a while as I love shooting in Hinkle. Early on it did not look good for Xavier, but they had a monster second quarter to take the lead. It was a lead that they built on, and they went home with the win. It is always good working with Xavier as they treat me very good each time. It was good to see them get the W yesterday.

What is This Sports Photography Thing?

It really has been a while since I shot an entire basketball game. In fact I had not shot an entire game this year yet. Over the last three weeks I have only shot two sporting events, and they were both for Xavier. Early on this year at a Purdue game I had someone ask if I was quitting the business as they hadn’t seen me in a while. The rumor apparently was that it was my gear on Craigslist. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lately though it just seems like the opportunities have been elsewhere. This week I have a couple of sports related shoots coming up. Sports photography is my passion so I will never leave it completely. This time of year though it is nice to take a break from basketball a bit so I can be fresh when the tournaments start in less than a month. This year should be a fun one that will start in St. Louis again.


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