The Bald Eagles of the Apocalypse

Bald Eagles Of the Apocalypse

The Bald Eagles Watch Over a Fiery Sky

Sometimes when I go out to photograph the eagles I don’t get that great action shot that I am looking for. I have been extremely lucky already this year so any good action I get the rest of the year will just be gravy. Of course when the getting is good you start to get spoiled, and you want to make a better picture than you did the last time out. You are completely at the mercy of the stomachs and eyesight of these eagles though. If they do not want to feed than you have just wasted some time. When that is happening I will try and make another picture. Here the sky was great behind these eagles so I went for more of a silhouette of the eagles as they sat perched on top of the trees. My 400mm lens is stuck at f/2.8 so getting a silhouette in decent light is a challenge. I was able to get there though, and I liked how this photo turned out.

Fighting For Your Dinner

I have not had much luck with the strikes right in front of me lately. I had a great run for a few days, but lately I have guessed wrong in where to be. Sometimes almost comically as I move around and the next strike is right in front of where I was. For the photo above the catch was too far away to photograph, but a fight over the catch started. That fight came right in front of me allowing me to make a few frames of it. I loved this one of the one eagle nearly getting away, but one talon keeping him close. You don’t expect some shots when you go out, and this was a great bonus. I had almost given in to the cold, but decided to stick it out a while. I am glad that I did. This struggle for food was something new at a place where I have started to feel that I can’t shoot anything new.

More Bald Eagle Photos

The last couple of days have not seen many images of the eagles getting their dinner, but I was able to capture some eagle moments that I liked. Here are a few of my favorites from down by the Wabash River over the last few days.


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