Snow at the Purdue Bell Tower

A Great Day to Walk the Campus of Purdue

One day while photographing eagles the forecast looked great for a nice snowy walk on campus. We packed up our gear and made our way down to campus to see what we could capture. At one point some big beautiful flakes started coming down. We made our pictures, but also tried to keep moving to capture as much of the campus as we could with the snow coming down. In a squall like that you don’t always know how long the snow will last. I made this photo of the clock tower as we were walking by it. I framed it just so, but then kept moving on. I liked the idea of the photo, but in the back of my camera it did not seem to work.

Using a Preset to Make the Photo Come to Life

The problem with the photo was that cloudy background blended in perfectly with the snow coming down. On the scene I saw that and kept moving on. The next day when I was going through my photos I saw some potential here, and decided to try a few presets on it to see what would work. I have been using this preset that I call Warmth From the Side a lot lately so I didn’t apply it right away. It has some normal editing in the basic panel of Lightroom going on, but the real magic of the preset is the two graduated filters coming in from each side. One is blue coming in from the right, and the orange coming in from the left is the other. That creates a little blending in the middle that I liked. It helped the snow to pop here more than it did before. In fact with the dreamy quality of the photo the snow could also become anything. I really like how this photo turned out this way, and a throw away then became a photo that I really liked.

The Week In Photos

This week was another week with barely any sports photos to be seen. Since the inception of the week in photos post on Exposure it has usually been filled with sporting events. This week I have a few photos from the Xavier game at Butler, but most of them are of eagles or made from my quadcopter. You can see my weekly look at my favorite photos here. With no sports involved the posts are not as long, but I love what I have been making lately.


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