Don’t Cross the Streams

The Wabash River and Wildcat Creek Collide

When I was finally able to fly my quadcopter over the convergence of Wildcat Creek and the mighty Wabash River I made the most of the flight. The distinct difference between the two bodies of water made for some great images. I made this one on my fly into the area. My favorite photo might be this one from straight down on the situation. This view really looks a little more exotic than its actual location. It is amazing what you can find in your own backyard. So far the quadcopter has helped me find many interesting things not too far from my house. Go out and explore. The amazing might just be in your backyard.

Flying the Phantom 4 Pro

When you think about flying a quadcopter it can seem like a scary situation. We have all had the cheap R/C devices that would not stay in the air long. These quadcopter that DJI is making now don’t fly themselves, but they come close to it. I am sure that at some point some could have mechanical errors causing them to crash. That is probably true of any machine though. For the most part the only way to crash one of these things is to make an error in judgment. So far flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro has been a joy. It is something that I look forward to even without the photography aspect to it. Making some great photos though is a great bonus that allows me to show off some of the places I have taken the quadcopter. If you are on the fence about getting one may I suggest that you get off the fence and buy one. You won’t regret it.

Having Fun With Photography Again

I made a choice somewhere around the 20th of January to devote more time to my art. With art funding being cut or threatened to lose funding I thought that I would just go out and make art everyday. That commitment is a little different than the one that I made to start this blog. I had to post a photo from each day. With this challenge I will still make photos everyday, but some of them can just be for me. Sometimes it is good to just go out and try something without fear of failure. Sometimes you come up with something cool like the photo above. Other times you don’t quite hit the mark, but you at least tried your idea. In doing this I have kind of felt a rebirth with my photography. I have tried new techniques in the field as well as at the processing stage. It has made this hobby very fun again for me. Where are the sports photos that used to be on here nearly everyday? There are still dates booked in the future. I have a shoot tomorrow in Indy for instance. One thing that I have found though is that I bring in under a third of my income from sports photography. The rest comes from prints and other jobs that I do. I probably used to spend 7/8ths of my time making sports photos. That math does not makes sense to me so I have decided to cut back a bit on the sports. I will still always shoot for any client that wants me to, but the free stuff just for fun will get cut back for a while. The sports photography business can make you feel like Sisyphus. Every time that I think that I have the boulder over the top I get knocked back down. I need to rethink my strategy there. Beating my head into the wall trying to make something happen that will not happen is doing nobody any good. From here on out I have just decided to make good photos. Wherever and whenever I can do so. If that is a sunset or a dunk it does not matter. A focus on the art side will hopefully result in better sports photos when the schedule starts to pick up again. By March you will be complaining about too many sports photos on here again.


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