Meet In the Middle

Where the Creek Meets the River

Yesterday I was back near the Davis Ferry Bridge to complete my goal from the previous time out there. I wanted to fly down a short way to where the Wildcat Creek and the mighty Wabash meet up. I have seen aerial shots on Google Maps of the spot, and I thought that it would make for an interesting shot. It is really amazing what you can do when you have a drone. The world really opens up to you, and you don’t have to worry about how to get to the spot. You just find a place to take off from, and you can get there. The first time I made my way to do this it was far to windy to attempt. I exercised a little patience and said that I would go back on another day. Yesterday was that day as the wind was almost non existent. Of course when you start getting in the air you always have a little to deal with, but it was very manageable yesterday. I flew around a bit making a few different angles of this meeting of the bodies of water. The difference was so stark that it was pretty cool to me. It made for a great subject, and I was able to make some images of it that I really liked.

The Recreational Use of Presets

Lightroom presets have in a way become a place where everything starts for me. I have some that are the basis for almost anything that I do. They just have some basic tweaks that I use to make the RAW sports photos I make pop. I have some that load up the photo so that I can convert it to black and white. Then I have some that I have made over the years that give the photo a little more artistic look. I don’t use these on any editorial stuff that I do, but I break them out when I feel the photo needs a little something more, or that it can add to the photo. For some reason I use a lot of these presets on my quadcopter shots. I like the way that it takes them out of the realm of reality as flying high above is hardly in the realm of reality. I used the same preset for both of the shots in this post. It is one I called Warmth From the Side. I took one existing preset and tweaked it just a little more to my taste. I like the look of these two colors, and I think that it makes the bottom photo look like three distinct Islands. It also just looks cool to me. What do you think of it?

The Week in Photos

Last week I really had the quadcopter out playing with it. I did not make any sports photos the entire week which is unusual for me. I did have some fun with the eagles and the quadcopter though. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here.


3 Replies to “Meet In the Middle”

  1. wow that is beautiful! i love the contrast with the shadows! It almost tricks your mind the first time you look at it. i was never good at photography, so that is why i stick to posting drawings lol! but that is why i appreciate people who can photograph! keep up the amazing work

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