Where Eagles Dare

Watching the Eagles on the Wabash

If you follow me on social media then you know that I have been having some fun photographing the bald eagles fishing on the Wabash River. The conditions have been perfect lately. Going down there you never know what to expect. Some days the eagles are fishing like crazy while you are there, and other times they just sit in the trees. Last week I was extremely lucky two days in a row as I witnessed a catch right in front of me. That is rare, but very welcome. The shot that you see above was on the second day as an eagle turned right towards me after pulling a large fish out of the river. It is the days like the one above that make you sit in the cold on the bad days waiting for eagles to hunt.

When It Does Not Go According to Plan

Some days things work in your favor like they did for the shot at the top of the post. Other days things happen just how you thought they might, but in the wrong direction. Had the eagle been flying at me when it made this grab it would have been a nice head on shot. The momentum would have carried the eagle right at me. As it was the eagle flew away, and so did my shot. I thought that instead of always showing the best shot I would show one that didn’t go as planned. It still works in a way, but what could have been. Last week in a post I talked about just how lucky you have to be to make a good image. Sometimes that luck goes the other way. It is all part of the game though.

Finding Other Things to Photograph

While outside for a couple of hours waiting for the eagles to fish you can get a little distracted at times. You go long periods with nothing happening, and you start to notice other things happening around you. The scene in the picture above was just one of those times. I panned over with my lens to capture this bird sitting not too far from me. I also photographed a few geese flying overhead as well as seagulls fishing. They are not the primary objective, but they make for nice photos as well.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from my last couple of trips down to the river to see the eagles.


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