A Field Full of Windmills

Windmills Ready For Harvest

There is something about this photo that I have liked since I made it. The day that I made this photo I also made the one in the post here. I chose the top down view of the drainage ditch as the photo of the day knowing that this one would not be far behind. I have always enjoyed photographing the windmills. With a new way to view them I was surprised that it took me a week to get out there to see them. The freshly plowed field just added to the look of growing windmills for me.

Windmills and Barns

When this blog started for a time it was all about windmills and barns. If I could make a picture with both a windmill and a barn in it then I was in heaven. For a time I have strayed away from that formula, but every now and then I like to take a drive to see what I can create next. Here I picked a good day to be out there as the field looked as good as it can in January. Some fantastic temperatures really helped contribute to that I am sure.

The Week in Photos

Last week I really had the quadcopter out playing with it. I did not make any sports photos the entire week which is unusual for me. I did have some fun with the eagles and the quadcopter though. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here.


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