A Snow Globe at Purdue University

The Snow Falls at Purdue University

Yesterday I was out with my friend Trevor (you can check out his work here) making some photos of the bald eagles over the Wabash. We made some nice images, but the eagles left the area. Trevor said that it was supposed to snow in a few minutes so why not head over to campus? When we made it to campus the snow was falling just a little. By the time we pulled out our cameras we were in a snow globe. On a day when we had a little luck on the river with the eagles we had even more with the timing of the large snowflakes while we were on campus. This winter we have had more fifty degrees days than we have had snow days it seems. It was a cold afternoon, but the snow photos made it all worthwhile. I am usually occupied when snow falls on campus so it was great to be there while it was happening for once.

The Week in Photos

This was a weird week in photos for me. For the first time since I believe June I have not one sports photo in the gallery. The weeks in June were due to a family vacation and shooting two weddings. This absence was pretty much due to lack of sports to shoot. This time of year gets a little slow for me historically with sports so I try and fill it with non sports shoots. At the end of the day it is a little more interesting gallery of my favorite shots. My quadcopter photos and eagle pictures make up most of it. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.


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