In Their Shadow

Long Shadows on the Campus of Purdue University

While I was on the campus of Purdue University last weekend I was looking down for any cool shadows. I wanted a top down photo of the engineering fountain, but large groups of families were at the fountain. As I was moving away I noticed these three men turn the corner and start walking down the sidewalk. I loved the way that their shadows all lined up so I made a few photos. This was an unexpected photo, but one that I really liked. The light was really working in my favor here as the shadows were directly behind them in line with the sidewalk. This is why you go out and shoot sometimes. You may not have an idea, but one will come to you when you are on location. I went and made my image of the fountain, and then came back to try some more shadow work. I tried single people, and people walking in different directions. Nothing to me was better than the first image that I made of these three men walking.

The Beautiful Campus of Purdue

I really am lucky to live so close to the campus of Purdue University. It is a great campus that just keeps growing. If you look on the right side of the image you can see a bit of the construction that is going on right now. The old power plant was torn down in order for the new student center to go up. Part of what makes photographing the campus so much fun is that you are documenting small moments in time that will never be again. Things change so fast that you are helping preserve a moment in time.

Flying With A Friend

So far I have been lucky enough to go out and fly with my a couple of other drone users. Last week I went out with my friend Trevor, and yesterday I went out with my brother. At that point I had yet to fly at the same time as someone. We went out together and constantly were checking our altitudes to make sure that we wouldn’t accidentally make a viral video. I was making a photo of the scene above when I realized that my brother was going to fly under me. I quickly switched to video mode to show his pass. It was a cool thing to see a drone from above. That is a view that we rarely get to see. The video will not break the internet, but I thought that it was a cool little video from my flight yesterday.

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