A Tree Alone…and Adrift

Flying Over the Flooded Wabash River

Early on I have spent a lot of my time flying over the Wabash River. I normally would look for something else to fly over, but with the flooding it seems like every day is different. The level goes up and down, and leaves me with something that I didn’t have the day before. With the light just right I was able to make an interesting photo with this lone tree on the old municipal golf course. Part of the fun with the drone right now is coming up with new and interesting compositions. I have really come to like the top down look, and here with the shadow it is a bit interesting. The only thing that I would have liked more was if the shadow was a little  darker. That would blur the line between what is real and what is shadow.

Flying on Facebook Live

I tried something new yesterday and flew live on Facebook. I figured for sure that I would give everyone the chance to see the epic crash live. Thankfully that did not happen, and I was able to land it safely. I like the idea of sharing some of these flights as you can see what kind of fun I am having out there. I am not the most interesting person in the world, but the sights can be at times. I suggested on my Facebook page yesterday that if you turn down my commentary, and turn up Hans Zimmer it could be a cool video. You can view that video on my Facebook page here.

The Week in Photos

Last week I spent most of my time flying the new quadcopter. The nice weather combined with the new toy saw me outside quite a bit flying. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time indoors shooting sports that will still be there when the weather turns again. I did have a job Sunday though, and that was a very fun one for Xavier. You can see some of my favorite photos from the week here on my Exposure site. As I said before this has been a year now of the weekly photo story where I can show some of my favorite shots. What a year it has been! I like the idea of making photos for the post, and it keeps me going when sometimes the creativity is not there. It forces me to think outside the box a little, and that is always a good thing.


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