Xavier Tennis at Purdue

Photographing for Xavier Athletics Again

One of the chance opportunities of 2016 was shooting for Xavier in the NCAA Baseball tournament last May. That led to a great relationship that has allowed me to photograph a few sports for them. Yesterday I added tennis to that list, and in a couple of weeks I will add basketball to it as well. Sometimes it is the chance encounters that end up being the most lasting relationships.

Photographing at the Schwartz Tennis Center Again

I photographed a few matches for Purdue in the Schwartz Tennis Center in 2014, but since that time I really have only made my way out there for an opponent. That is too bad. I love the emotion, and the accessibility to it that you have photographing tennis. During doubles play you can see who is going to make life fun during singles play. This really is a fine complex that allows tennis to be played all year round. I really need to get back out there more than I do.

The Week in Photos

This week marks one year since I started posting my weekly favorites on Exposure. This was a side project that I came up with to showcase photos that may never have seen the light of day otherwise. I would shoot a game, and then hurry up and post an Exposure gallery. For some reason my men’s and women’s basketball posts from Purdue were not doing very well. I would only get a few hits, and I decided to stop doing it altogether. It was not worth the time for the reach that it was getting. I still wanted to post some of the shots though so I came up with the weekly photo post. It also became a way for me to challenge myself to shoot on weeks when I was a little slow. I knew I needed content for the page so I would go out and shoot with that in mind. It has sparked some creativity, and for that I think it has been a good thing. Instead of continuing to talk about it why don’t I post the link here so you can go and see for yourself?

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