Sunset at Purdue University

The Sun Sets Over the Purdue Bell Tower

The Sun Sets Over the Bell Tower of Purdue University

Yesterday was a fun day out with the quadcopter. If you have not been following this blog I will tell you that I bought a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and after a long wait for it to get off of backorder it finally came Wednesday. I have been taking it out every day since enjoying the early spring that we are having right now. If you follow me on social media or on here then you are probably saying “We get it. You have a drone.” by now. It is an amazing way to get shots that I could not get in the past. I have seen videos of flyovers of the tower, and I have always thought about this shot. Last night I went out to make it happen. I tried to line up some familiar buildings in this shot and also keep the sun where I wanted it. I really like how this turned out. It is probably my favorite quadcopter shot so far.

Making the Most Out of the Day

Yesterday I took the drone out a couple of times to play with it. I could have shot some sports inside, but I would rather have been outside in the beautiful, unseasonably warm weather. Right now I only have the one battery because when I bought the drone I thought that it would be winter when it came. I figured I would buy the rest of my accessories later. Of course the warm spell hit, but that is a good thing as I have been able to comfortably fly the drone. It felt amazing to go out in just a t-shirt to photograph the river and campus. The warm weather combined with a new toy have really jump started my creativity. To think that a couple of years ago at this time I was going stir crazy in the house as the temperatures were below zero for several days.

Slowing Down, and Concentrating on the Details

One thing that I have noticed so far with the drone is that my shots seem to be improving as I get more and more familiar with the drone. The first day I took it up with a shot in mind. I made the shot, and came right back down. Today I spent time flying around, and looking at life from a different vantage point. I made one shot that I shared last night on Instagram that I really liked that way. I think that I will always have my mind on the drone when flying. It is expensive and dangerous enough that I won’t have a problem doing that. I can however let it hover while I try some things out. It reminds me of my early days on the sidelines. I was so into being there that I really wasn’t there in my head. Now I do things that I don’t even think about because I have gotten used to the experience.


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