The Sinking P

The Purdue Crew Platform Sinks Into The Wabash River

With the interesting winter that we have been having so far and the large amounts of rain that we have had the Wabash River has been rising. This is something that usually is not a big deal until spring, but maybe this early thaw will make the spring easier. With that thaw and rain though comes the inevitable flooding. So far it is not too bad, but the Purdue Crew platform is still heading under water. I was trying to find an angle to show this with my DJI Phantom Pro 4. As I did I flew into one of the low clouds bringing a little mist. As I started down out of the cloud the angle became very apparent to me. Sometimes it pays off to have your head in the clouds I guess. I like the way that the water becomes something of ambiguity with this black and white conversion. As the weather gets colder here the chances to use the quadcopter will diminish, but it will be fun using it while I can. Every time that I go out I try and build on what I learned the time before. When learning a brand new technology that is all that you can do.

Putting the Sports Cap Back On

The next couple of days I will be back to shooting sports. I bet the I will still find time to get the quadcopter out, but I also have some events on my calendar that I need to shoot. My photography income is very heavily weighted towards my non-sports work, but the last couple of years I have spent most of my time making sports photos. This year I decided to get out and see what else there is out there for a while. I love to photograph sports, but I will pull back on it a bit. With that said I have some great sports gigs booked already this year so I will never drop it completely.


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