Over the River

Taking the Quadcopter Down the River

I took my daughter to school yesterday, and then set out to make an image with my new quadcopter. I had no intention on heading to the river when I started driving north. As I drove though I noticed a slight fog still around. That made me want to head down to the river to see what it was like down there. Yesterday was my first full day with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro so I did not want to lose it in the river before I had it 24 hours. Common sense was overruled though and I put the drone over the river. It was remarkably peaceful as I flew over the river. The river was high at the time so it should have been a little rougher, but it was very calm as it slowly flowed south. As I write this the day before I have a strange feeling that I will be back down at the river tomorrow morning depending on the weather. I have always enjoyed photographing and being near the river, and this just gives me a chance to photograph it from some angles that I couldn’t get to before.

Watching Boring Quadcopter Footage

I decided that whenever I am not making a photo with the quadcopter and it is in the air that I will be making a video. That way if something crazy happens I will have video of it if I can recover the drone. So as I flew out over the river I was not thinking about making a video of it. I was flying to a spot to make a photo with a few jerky starts and stops. Even with that in mind the video of heading out and heading back was amazing to watch. Maybe because I am taking off from a known point to me and soaring into the sky. I have never really thought of making a lot of video. Suddenly with this quadcopter I am thinking about making more and more. I am hoping that this is a fad as I really don’t want to get too deep into color grading and everything that goes with it. For now it is a fun way for me to see a little video on the way to and from a photo opportunity.


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