At The Park With The DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Testing Out the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

After what seemed like an eternity my DJI Phantom 4 Pro arrived yesterday. This has been a process that has been a long time coming. I have been watching quadcopter since they first started becoming popular. They did not have screens to watch early on. They seemed easy to crash, and early on that would have been the end of my quadcopter as well as a GoPro. Early in 2016 during Peace Day at my daughter’s school I was making images on the ground while a quadcopter flew above us. I was very interested in it, but really tried not to look into it too much. At Thanksgiving we saw a quadcopter up close, and both my brother and I knew that we would have one. I bought him one for Christmas, and flew it quite a bit before I gave it to him. That included one epic crash. If you see me in person ask me about that crash video. A few weeks ago I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a drone. Of course it was on backorder so I have been waiting for a while for this thing to show up. When it did I immediately plugged everything in so I would have a fully charged drone as soon as possible. We went to the park to give it a go. After flying a drone already I was familiar with the controls. That made it a bit easier when firing the Phantom 4 up for the first time. With a front with rain clearly coming at me I quickly made a flight, and then we made our way back home. I have a couple of projects lined up with the Phantom 4 already, but I am eager to see what I can do with this thing.

Changing It Up A Little

This year I made a deal with myself to get out and shoot more landscapes. Last year was pathetic as far as that was concerned for me. I was working more, and still shooting a lot of sports for fun as well. This year I made the decision to skip some of the for fun sporting events to concentrate on being at home, and also get some time in photographing the outdoors again. This drone automatically makes things a little more interesting by giving you a completely different perspective. You get a view on things that you do not normally see. It will be fun heading out to see what I can make with this thing.

Quadcopter Footage!

Above you can see a quick video that I pieced together from that first flight. It is far from perfect, but it was fun to make. As you can see my daughter is just as excited about the drone as I am. She gives a little dance as the quadcopter takes off to the sky. She wanted to fly it too, but I know that the drones days are numbered in my hands anyway. Putting it in her hands would just accelerate the drones demise.

The Week In Photos

There are no drone shots in this weeks edition of The Week in Photos, but next week you know that there will be. You can find my weekly collection of my favorite images here on my Exposure page.


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