Indiana State Wins the Coughlan-Malloy Cup

An Emotional Meet

Last night was the first meet for the Indiana State track and Field team since they lost their head coach John McNichols a few weeks ago. I did not know what to expect from the team as they still have to be going through the grieving process. I say it all the time, but these athletes that we pin our hopes and dreams on are still just kids. To be expected to perform at peak capacity after what they went through can be tough. They pulled through and kept the Coughlan-Malloy Cup after a tense finish. It came down to the relays, and luckily things went the way of Indiana State. After the meet was over the team took the cup over to John’s wife Linda. After posing for some photos the team stacked it up with Linda in the middle. I was lucky enough to get the shot above of Linda enjoying the win with the team. I picked my spot with that in mind, but for the sea to part for her to be visible was a great stroke of luck.

Back at the Track

The meet was held on the campus of Rose-Hulman. They have a great indoor facility that really makes it much easier to cover multiple events at one time. That layout allowed me to be able to be in two places at one time which if you have ever covered a track meet is much needed. I have not covered an indoor meet in about a year, but it is pretty cut and dry what you need to do. Just keep moving to where you see your team competing.

Getting In Tight

As you may know if you follow this blog, my Canon 400mm f/2.8 lens is stuck at 2.8. Something has happened to keep it stuck wide open. If it is going to get stuck somewhere, then that is the place that it should be. It is far too old for Canon to work on it so I just use it wide open all of the time. I threw my 1.4x extender on it last night to get me to f/4. I also put my Canon 7D Mark II on it to gain a little depth of field as well. That gave me the depth of field that I wanted, but it also made it into a long piece of glass. I was backing way up to use it. That comes in handy though as it allowed me to cover multiple events with two cameras.

More Photos From the Meet

With some time in the hotel room last night I put together an Exposure page with some images from the meet. You can view that page here. It was such a fun meet that I was ready to relive it right away.

Missing the Ice

I stayed in Terre Haute overnight because of the ice that was forecast for the area. So far as of this writing I lucked out, and there has been nothing to report yet. The ice forecast was enough though to keep me in town which works out because they have a basketball game today. I get another chance to see the Sycamore men’s team play. I will have more on that game tomorrow.


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