If I Had a Hammer

The Boilermaker Statue on the Campus of Purdue University

I walk by this Boilermaker statue quite a bit. I rarely stop although I want to a lot. I am usually heading somewhere so I don’t do it. When the light is right though I always seem to stop and check out the statue. Here one night during the blue hour I thought that the statue looked pretty cool. The orange light on the statue seemed to help it pop off of the blue background. This campus changes quickly, and I think if I took this shot today the new football complex would be in the background. That is why you should make photos when you can as everything changes quickly.

Stopping to Make the Shot

The shot above is one that I stopped to make about a week ago. I was leaving the men’s game early to have dinner with my family. I was leaving the stadium quickly, but I saw the moon over the Boilermaker statue. I pulled my camera out and quickly switched lenses. I liked the idea of the photo. Like many that I take I don’t know if it would every make the blog, but you never know. A lot of what I do is just playing to see what works for me. You have to have little experiments to find things that you like. The photo above would never probably have had its own post, but is nice to have show up here as a second photo of this post.


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