Indiana State Comes Out Hot to Defeat Bradley

Indiana State Rides a Hot Start to Get Their First MVC Win

When the weekend started I did not think that I would be in Terre Haute on Saturday. An ice storm that never happened kept me in town after the track meet so I was there to be able to cover some of the basketball game as well as the swim meet. My plan was to cover half of the basketball game, and then head to the swimming complex to cover that. The way that the half was going I did not want to leave the basketball game. The Bradley coach was on his players for leaving the Sycamore players open. You could hear the yells of “He is a shooter!” for miles I would guess. The ISU team that I saw in the first half was one that was not going to lose. When this team plays where they are capable of playing they are tough to beat.

Looking For New Angles

Before the game I am always looking for a new way to cover the intros and team huddles. There are great emotions there so I want to shoot them, but I don’t want to keep making the same photo all of the time. I have tried the between the players photo before, and it has worked out well so I found a gap, and tried it again. I wanted the last seconds before tip to look a little different. During the intros I put my camera on the ground to get a different view of that moment. I think I have only one last angle in mind for the intros, and that involves a long walk up to the catwalk. That was not an option yesterday as I wanted to keep it simple so I could quickly get to the next job.


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