Something About a Heart In San Francisco

I Left My San Francisco Heart Pictures on the Hard Drive

When I was in San Francisco a few years ago I was all about HDR. Everything had to be that no contrast crazy HDR look. At the time these heart pictures from around Union Square did not fit that mold. As I was going back through some of those files though I found that I really liked the photos. The low sun really made for a unique photo here. It is amazing just how far I have come as a photographer in that short period of time. This would have been a throw away at the time, and now it is a photo that I like enough to publish on here.

The Canon 24-70 f/2.8

This is a lens that at the time was a game changer for me.  I bought the lens from my friend Andy who now lives in the Bay Area. At the time I was still using my kit 18-135mm lens that at 135mm was a f/5.6 aperture. The 24-70 allowed me to shoot in the darker arenas that I would encounter over the course of the next few years. After using the 24-105 I started to shy away from the 24-70 to gain the extra 35mm. Looking through some of my older pictures I think that I need to get the 24-70 back out.

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