Xavier Swimming at IUPUI

Back at the Pool Photographing Swimming

Swimming is a sport where I constantly feel like I don’t know what is going on. The sport moves fairly fast, and the scoreboard never seems to display the next race until it starts. I have a few things that I think look good overall, but for the most part I am just trying to find moments amongst the chaos. Last night I was back at the pool photographing the Xavier swim team as they took on IUPUI. This year I have photographed a few sports for Xavier, and it was nice to see the Musketeers come near me again. They gave me my first chance to photograph at the famous IUPUI Natatorium which is something that I have wanted to do for a while now. It was a good night, and I was able to make some photos that I liked.

Getting Up Close and Personal

I was shooting fairly tight most of the night, but at times when I would have pulled off the swimmer I decided to stay on them last night. I wanted to get in tight to get some emotion if I could. I ended up getting some violent water movement along with some interesting faces. I did this mostly for me, but the swimmers may like the photos as well.

Using All of the Tools

I wanted to try something new last night. I put my Canon 300mm f/4 on my Canon 7D Mark II to see if I could get in a little tighter on the swimmers. I normally would have lugged my old 400mm lens around the pool, but I never feel comfortable on the slick surfaces with it. Here I was much more mobile, and I was able to get in a little tighter. There was enough light to do this, and it really helped me get the shots that I needed to get. I would have liked to have had the 400mm with me, but there are times where I can move faster without it. For the majority of the night I have the setup described above on my right side with my Canon 1DX and the 70-200mm lens on my left side. For huddles and most of the pregame festivities I had my Canon 5D Mark IV with the 17-40mm lens on it. I had backup plans in case my idea for a setup did not work, but it worked great so I stuck with it. The Canon 7D Mark II really is a great camera when the light is right.


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