The Fenway Park Tour

Touring a Classic Ballpark

In October I was finally able to go and visit Fenway Park. This has been something that I have wanted to do for some time now. This is the park where my favorite player really made his name. In fact when I visited the park it was the 41st anniversary of the classic home run that Carlton Fisk hit in the park. That is one of the greatest World Series moments every. Ten years later I would meet Fisk at a White Sox game, and he would become a favorite player because of that moment. Beyond the player connection is the fact that Fenway Park is full of history. The unique look of the park combined with the moments that it has seen makes it a must see for the baseball fan.

Taking the Tour

I arrived for my tour over an hour early. When I went to pick up my ticket I was asked if I wanted to take the earlier tour. Of course I did! I just made it in for the earlier tour after going through security, and the fun was on. Your tour is only as good as the guides taking you through the park. I have been on other tours in many different places, and the guides will determine what you think about it. I had two great guides to help me through the park. Of course in making as many photos as I did I was at the back of the pack most of the time. I would let the crowd disperse, and then make my image. George was in charge of keeping us moving, but he never made it seem like he was. He was full of Fenway knowledge, and it was this private portion of the tour that made it so great. The little asides as we walked to the next canned location made the tour great for me.

Farewell Papi

All around the ballpark you could see the tributes to David Ortiz. The slugger retired this season after a great career with the Red Sox. I remember when he played for the Twins. That was a small blip in his career though. For most of his career he played for the Red Sox. He was part of the special group that ended the long draught for the Red Sox. He was a big part in the success of the last few years for the team. The fans love him as well as the team. Everywhere you looked there was some form of tribute to Ortiz.

Remembering the Greats

Outside of the first base side of the park there are some tributes to some of the greats in Red Sox history. Individual statues for Red Sox greats Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski are out there for all to see. I love the way that they show both of these greats. Ted Williams is putting his hat on a young child, and Yaz tipping his hat to the crowd. They also have a great tribute to the teammates Pesky, Doerr, Williams, and DiMaggio. These were four lifelong friends who kept the friendship off of the diamond.

Thinking Warm

It was nice to see Fenway finally. I do however want to see the stadium on a warm summer night packed with the fans cheering on their Red Sox. Imagine these seats filled with screaming Sox fans. On a cold day like today I love to think of warm summer days and baseball. I love many aspects of winter, but the lack of baseball starts to get old at some point. I find myself watching the MLB Network far more in the winter than I do in the summer. I am just willing the boys of summer back.


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