Purdue Wins Their Big Ten Home Opener Over Michigan State

Back on the Right Baseline at Mackey

I don’t think I have been on the right side of the court at Mackey since November. When I have been able to make a game I have been shooting for the opponent, and on the opposite baseline. Last night I was able to start the year off right by shooting a little Purdue basketball. I used to have season tickets and attend nearly every women’s game. Lately though they have had games at the same time that I have had something else, or I have been shooting for the opponent. It was nice to be on the right end of the court as Purdue took care of Michigan State last night. The win over the Spartans has been a long time coming, and it is a good way to get things going at home for Big Ten play. The Big Ten is a rough league, and you have to use your home court advantage to your advantage. They started off with a big win last night.

They Move So Fast

Last night was my first sporting event of 2017. I shot the first half like I normally would a game just to get some practice in. When the second half started I realized that I really had nothing to shoot for. My shots there do not get used, and for the most part besides you the reader of this blog they are not seen. That means that I can have some fun for a while with really no consequences. I started playing the shutter speed game. If you have never played the game it is one that I made up where you just keep taking your shutter speed down until you can’t make a photo anymore. I usually save this game for auto racing or late in the baseball season. You have subjects that for the most part are in places that you can predict easily making panning much easier to try. Basketball is another animal altogether. The players really don’t go in the same area often, and they are rarely on the same plane. That makes the shutter speed game very tough to play. By the end of the second half I was at 1/10th of a second as Ashley Morrissette brought the ball up the court. She made a move and finally moved parallel to me. I made the shot above, and I was very happy with it. I had a couple of other shots that I thought were keepers earlier in the game, but this one was a keeper for sure. I could have made this a little easier by moving to an open seat at midcourt opposite the scorers table, but what fun would that have been?


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