Photographing Indiana State Volleyball

Seeing the Indiana State Volleyball Team Up Close

Last Saturday after photographing the Indiana State football team I made my way to see the Sycamore volleyball team play. I was in town so why not catch some of the match? I only stayed for the first two sets, but from what I saw ISU has a very fun team to watch. They were very emotional during the match, and that makes it fun to photograph them. The photo above was one of my favorite images from the match. You can see just how much they wanted the point. Emotion like that will keep the fans coming back. There is a scenario where this will be the last volleyball match that I shoot this year. It looks like I will have a team in the Big East volleyball tournament, but with only the top four teams going there it makes that a tough tournament to make. Right now my team is in so hopefully I still have some volleyball left in me this year. I have shot more than I ever have before this season, and I don’t want it to end just yet.

A Cool Opening

While I was waiting for the Indiana State team to come out of the locker room I heard something like Stomp coming from the door they would come out of. I walked over to see what it was, and I found the team using the various parts of the hallway to make their own music. It was a very cool way to come out, and I was glad I was able to capture it. These are the little things that you don’t know about going into the shoot that make it a fun one.

A Dark Gym

There are many times when I walk into a gym and say that it is dark that people think that I am crazy. A gym that looks well lit can still be too dark to use a high shutter speed in. This gym looked dark to watch a game in. Right away I wondered what I had got myself into. Right away I cranked my ISO up to 10,000. I guessed a shutter speed of 1/500th would be good enough to freeze a little action, but still let in enough light. The frame was still too dark. I then went down to 1/320th of a second, and it was a little closer. For the rest of the night I lived in between 1/400th and 1/320th. That is not ideal for stopping motion, but it would have to do. As I said in my football post from the game Saturday, sometimes you have to take what you are given. I was not expecting to shoot this match, but if I went back I would take some strobes with me. That would be the only way to get the action with a nice color cast and to freeze the action the proper way.

The Week In Photos

This past week I shot five sporting events along with my usual shoots during the day. What I ended up with was a nice gallery of images for my weekly collection of my favorites. You can find that Exposure page here.


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