Fall at Purdue University

Walking the Campus on a Beautiful Fall Day

Last Friday I went for a walk on the campus of Purdue while my daughter was at school. If you want to go for a walk I can think of no place better than the campus of Purdue in the fall. I really love this place, and I have enjoyed living here since I moved back in 2011. The campus is always beautiful, but on a fall morning it seems just so much better. I tried to stay away from the fountain as I always seem to photograph it. In fact I didn’t even walk over to it. I wanted to find some more subjects to try out. The bell tower is always a good choice as well. The addition of the school song in front of it and the changing trees made for a good photo. The rising sun coming through the trees just adds to the beauty here.

Shooting Into the Sun

When you first start to learn about photography you are always told to put the sun at your back. It is a useful tip, but it isn’t always right. Here I was lucky enough to have a very nice scene in front of me with the sun in the frame. I have found myself breaking that rule quite a bit lately. I love seeing the sun in my photos. I will usually stop down so that it spreads out into my frame a little more. Usually when I shoot into the sun I will bracket my images three stops apart. Here the sun was not too bright so this is one exposure of the scene. With the new Canon 5D Mark IV I have found that I don’t need to bracket as much to get the full dynamic range of the photo. Here in this situation I did make three images two stops apart, but I only used the metered exposure. I think that this could have been a cool shots later in the day with the sun at my back. I like how the star shape of the sun looks here though so I would rather be here early in the morning.


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