The American Flag Flies High at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum

The Beauty of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum is one that was built to photograph. The lines and shapes around the place just scream out to be photographed. I think that if you put 20 photographers in this room just before you exit the museum they would photograph it 20 different ways. This room just reminded me of something that I have seen at the Kennedy Space Center so I photographed it like the silos that would protect the rockets before they went up. It is a shot that would normally have been in black and white, but the presence of the flag makes it impossible not to show it in color.

Honoring John F. Kennedy on Veteran’s Day

While in Boston you probably already know that I visited the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum. I think the Kennedy story of how he made it to the White House is a very interesting one. He was the brother that was not supposed to be the political one. His brother Joe Jr. was to be the man that came home from the war to run for office. That all changed when Joe was killed in action. Kennedy did not have an easy time himself after his PT boat was sunk. It took a lot of ingenuity to save his crew and himself. Those actions though may have helped him rise to the greatest office in the land. If you look back at the great Presidents, many of them served in the military. That used to be one of the things you had to do to run for office. On Veteran’s Day it is important to remember all of those who have served this great county. It really is important to do everyday, but today if you set a vet let them know you appreciate them. You will never know how much it means to them.

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