Get Out And Vote

The Time To Vote Is Finally Here

This year more than any other in my lifetime Election Day really could not get here soon enough. This election has seemed to really divide our communities with both sides digging in. Nothing presented to each side could possibly sway them. If you have followed this blog then you know that I have a deep interest in the Presidency. When I travel I try and visit a Presidential Museum when I am close. I love to hear the stories of how people rose from humble beginnings to become the leader of the free world. If things go the way the are predicted today the second straight President will be a first. Most of the models show Hillary Clinton becoming the 45th President of the United States. She would be the first woman President. That would be a tremendous feat considering a century ago women were not even allowed to vote. On the other side you have Donald Trump who appears to be trailing right now. One thing that I have learned during this election cycle though is that you can never count out The Donald. The election will be won tomorrow by the candidate that can get the most support out to the polls. That is why you need to get out and vote.

Get Out And Vote

Friday night my wife and I went out to vote together. I think that this year more than any other we felt the need to have our voice heard. I know speaking for myself that I wanted to have my day in several contests up and down the ballot. As this posts in the morning you still have plenty of time to have your voice heard as well. It is a great honor to get to vote. Some fought for years to get that right. Go out and exercise your right today.

About the Photo

I made this photo while at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. With the election nearing a close it really made the run that Kennedy made hit home a little more. Seeing this recreation of the election night results brought back memories of the boards behind the broadcasters from my childhood. Now they have all these interactive maps and many bells and whistles. The results can now be tabulated much faster meaning that we hopefully will know who the next President is before we go to bed tonight.

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