Purdue Women’s Basketball Exhibition Game

Seeing Some Familiar Faces With Some New Ones Thrown In

Yesterday the Purdue women’s team took the court for the first time this season for their exhibition game against Ursaline College. Each year the exhibition game brings a lot of excitement. You want to see what the new players look and play like, and you also want to see how your favorite players have changed. It is really something watching these athletes grow during their four years at Purdue. You see them in the first exhibition game, and then very fast you watch them on senior day it seems like. Each season starts with a lot of hopes and dreams, and this first game let’s us gauge those hopes a little.

Testing Out the Canon 300mm f/4 in Mackey Arena

I have never been that photographer who has the bulky 300mm f/2.8 lens to shoot the other side of the court. The payoff is really not worth it every trip down there. The 300mm f/4 on the other hand is a very small lens that is lighter than my 70-200mm f/2.8. I only used this combination for parts of the second half, and I don’t know if I made anything Earth shattering with it. When I am right under the basket though it is something to use for the other end of the court. It would be perfect for my photos from up in the stands as well.

The Week In Photos

This was a very fun week that saw me photographing every day in some respect. I made images at five sporting events during the week as well as some fun halloween images. You can view my favorite images from the week on my Exposure site here. The two Purdue basketball games that I shot this week were shot with this gallery in mind. One fun thing that has been happening is that more and more iPhone photos have been showing up in the gallery. The two new back cameras on the iPhone 7 have resulted in me trusting it a little more for my photos. It will be interesting to see what this weekly gallery looks like in a year.


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