Indiana State Football Senior Day

The Indiana State Seniors Play Their Last Game at Memorial Stadium

Yesterday I was back in Terre Haute to see the Indiana State Sycamores football team play again this season. The last time I saw them on the field was in Minnesota as they took on the Gophers. Now their season is almost over, and I finally was able to make a home game for them. The way that this fall went I never had a free weekend to come down until now. What better day to come down then for senior day? I love the emotions and photos that are made on senior day. The action on the football field is good, but the emotions are what keep me coming back to the games. Senior day usually provides some of those.

Emotion All Around

During the game Indiana State made some big plays. One of those was a big fumble recovery by defensive back Kevin Beacham. As the team came off the field after the turnover I looked for someone celebrating. Kevin then came almost right at me showing a lot of emotion. It is the moments like this after the play that make the day fun. Most of the time it is hard to make a good fumble recovery photo. You really have to be in the right place at the right time. This was an easy photo to make as Kevin made it very obvious that he was enjoying the moment.

Taking What is Given to You

Early in the game it seemed like I was missing some easy photos that I would normally get. My focus was just not right on as it should be. I realized that as the temperature rose during the game the field started to get hotter. The hot turf was really messing with my autofocus as I tried to shoot down the field through it. I decided to change up my gear and go a little more mobile. I put my 300mm f/4 on my Canon 5D Mark IV, and my 70-200mm on my Canon 1DX. I then followed the team a little closer than I normally do. In the process I made the fumble recovery photo as well as the stiff arm shot above. By adapting a little I was able to make some of my favorite photos from the game. Just like the team your gameplan can be thrown off. You have to be willing to take what you can to have a good day. My second half was much better when I went with the new plan.

More Photos From the Game

I had a great time photographing the game. The score was not what we wanted to see, but sometimes you can have a good game even when the team you are covering does not. I put together some of my favorite photos from the game in an Exposure post here.  It is kind of depressing to think about, but unless something changes dramatically, next weekend will be my last football game of the year. I love photographing football, and this season has gone by very quickly. After next week I will be in Terre Haute again for the Cross Country National Championships and their regular season basketball home opener. Maybe I can find a way to squeeze one more football game in after next week, but I cannot see where that would happen.


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