Boston in the Fall

Jogging Along the Boston Harbor in the Fall

While in Boston a couple of weeks ago I was able to see the city in a fall color. Visiting the northeastern part of the country in the fall is something that I have always wanted to do. Most of the time I was deep in the city without any fall foliage. Luckily a few times on the trip I found myself somewhere very interesting. Here on the harbor walk just down from the John F. Kennedy Museum I found a nice little scene. I composed the scene the way that I wanted it, and then I just had to wait for a jogger to come through to complete it. It worked out pretty good for a quick photo.

Squirreling Photos Away For the Winter

The last couple of weeks have been very productive for me. I have made a lot of photos that I like, and I have not had the space here to post them yet. A lot of sports have come my way filling the blog. With winter coming I usually end up spending the fall squirreling away photos so that the blog can continue to have a photo a day even when the conditions outside get in the way. At some point during the winter the creative juices seem to get sapped when everything loses its color. Photos like this add a little color to a drab winter day, and some of them have been set aside just for that purpose.


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