A Walk Off Win

The Purdue Gold Team Walks It Off In The Gold And Black Series

Last Friday I started my four games in three days with a fun one. The Purdue baseball team was playing their annual Gold and Black series at Alexander Field. I was not contracted to shoot the game, but sometimes you go out and shoot for fun. This was one of those times. It had been a couple of months since I shot my last baseball game. This has been a weird year for baseball for me. I did not attend a single Major League game the entire season. I shot a lot of baseball, but that was all early in the season. I wanted to get out and shoot one last game before the season was over for me. I picked a good one to photograph as the game was in doubt at the end leading up to the celebration you see above. The black team scored two runs in the top of the 7th to tie the game at two. The gold team then plated the winning run in the bottom of the inning to walk it off. It was fun seeing the guys excited and having a little fun themselves. It was also great to be back out shooting some baseball. I have no idea what level I will be shooting when baseball comes around next spring. I am kind of in a no man’s land with the sport right now. I don’t really have a home. We will have to see what the winter brings.

Using the Canon 300mm f/4 to Photograph Baseball

One reason I really wanted to get out for one of the games was to test out the Canon 300mm f/4 in a baseball setting. At times on the diamond my 400mm seems a bit tight. I wanted to try the 300mm to see what it could give me during a game. As I shot the game I realized how my thought process is tied to the 400mm lens. I really have gotten used to that focal length. At times with the 300mm lens I wanted a little more, and at other times I thought it was a little tight. What I found was that if I want to be mobile at a big game it would work very well paired with my 70-200mm lens to cover the game.

The Photos of the Week

A lot of my photos from the baseball game Friday can be found in my weekly photo collection on my Exposure page. You can find that post here. It might be one of my favorite weekly posts in a while. It has a wide range of sports and emotions.


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