Purdue Football Takes on Penn State

Purdue Loses a Tough One Against Penn State

For much of this game Purdue was in the thick of it. They had a chance to take the lead just before the half, and I thought that they did as Markell Jones ran into the end zone. A foot on the line brought the ball back around the 20 yard line, and Purdue never took the lead again. This Purdue team seems like it can play with a  team for a while. The depth issue does start to show up as the game goes on though. The effort is certainly there, and Purdue gave the crowd something to cheer for many times yesterday. The result was certainly not what anyone wanted, but at the end of the day I had a good time at the game. I could have been in many other places today, but I chose to be in Ross Ade Stadium. I think that I will be back in Ross Ade Stadium in two weeks as well. Nothing beats a college gameday atmosphere.

Moving Away From the Pack

Yesterday I thought I would try something new. I usually try and find a spot to shoot the team running out onto the field. When you shoot the runout you are usually surrounded by many photographers pretty much getting the same shot. Yesterday I decided to hang out in the end zone and see what the players did as they ran towards me. I saw many great examples of young men taking a moment before the game. For some reason Kirk Barron stuck out to me. The war paint on the face kneeling in prayer was a very cool site for me. It ended up being my favorite photo of the day, and I would never have made it had I shot what everyone else was shooting. Late in the game I stayed behind the offense to make some shots of the receivers catching the ball. When you do this you run the risk of missing the long touchdown play, but I thought that it was worth it to make something a little different. 

Trying An Old Combination

In the past I would use my Canon 7D Mark II with my Canon 400mm lens to make images. When I picked up the Canon 1DX about a year ago that all changed. I pretty much have used the 1DX on the 400 ever since. I had the idea to mix it up today, and to use the 7D Mark II on the 400 again. It is a very effective crop right in the camera with all of the megapixels still intact. With the cameras that I have I can have a wide variety of focal lengths on my body at one time. I have the 400 on the 7D giving me pretty much a 640mm view. My 1DX was then paired with my 70-200mm lens, and my Canon 5D Mark IV was mounted on my 24-105mm lens. I was not sure how long  this configuration would go on for, but it ended up lasted the entire game. I may try this same setup at soccer tomorrow to see what kind of results I can get with it.

More Photos From the Game

I did not put together an Exposure page from the game yesterday. The photographers at Purdue put a fine one together that was really good. No need to put more out there. If you want to see theirs you can go out here. With no real outlet for my images from this game I put some of the photos I liked up on my SmugMug site here. Sometimes you make photos that you want to share, but at Purdue football games I have no real outlet to do so. I am kind of in a no man’s land as far as that goes. Next week I will be in Terre Haute, and I will have a full gallery up from that game. For now though enjoy some of my photos through my site. I am sure a few of them will make the photos of the week.


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