The Charm of Fenway Park

Finally Making a Visit to Historic Fenway Park

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that on Friday I made a visit to Fenway Park. I have been wanting to visit the park for a very long time, and thanks to a visit to Boston I was able to make that dream a reality.There is a lot to like about Fenway Park. I am sure that over time I will have a few posts with the old park in them. Right now I thought that this was a good photo to start with as it shows a lot of what makes the park so much fun. It is old, and it looks it all the way around. While some would tear it down, others embrace it. The park was built in 1912, and with a few changes over the years still remains fairly close to what it was back then.

The History This Park Has Seen

As I was sitting in the oldest seats in baseball I started thinking about what the people in those seats have seen over the years. Early on Babe Ruth was showing the league that he was one of the best pitchers in baseball. Imagine Babe Ruth pitching to Ty Cobb. Two of the best hitters in baseball history locked in a battle. Since that time many baseball greats have played in Fenway Park. Ted Williams called it his home. The park was even adjusted a bit for his swing. Carl Yastrzemski played his entire career in Fenway. A couple of times it looked like he would help them end their long World Series drought. Once of the best moments in World Series history happened in 1975 when Carlton Fisk willed his home run fair to send the World Series to a game seven. I visited the park on the 41st anniversary of that historic home run. M0re recently a group of idiots finally ended Boston’s curse by winning the World Series. They have won two more since that time. This is a stadium that saw many of the greats play inside of it at one point or another. If these walls could only talk.

The Week in Photos

This was a fun and refreshing week. I loved getting out and creating while in Boston. A lot of what I did was exploratory, and may never be seen by anyone, but it is great to get out and try some new things. This coming week has a lot of sports booked, but it was nice to get out and (sort of) away from action sports for a week. Here are my favorite photos from the past week.


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