Top Ten Indianapolis Indians Photos of 2016

My Ten Favorite Images From the 2016 Indy Indians Season

I you have read this blog this year you know that I started the summer off working with the Indy Indians. The season was supposed to be a great one, but shortly into the season the arrangement changed and I stepped away from the situation. It was a fun start to the year though, and I made some photos that I liked. Below are ten images from the first month of the season that I really enjoyed.

10. I made the picture above on Opening Day. I think that it made the countdown because of the feeling behind it. I was Opening Day, and even batting practice is exciting on Opening Day. Here Dan Gamache hits one towards the Indianapolis skyline.

Alen Hanson

9. One of my favorite players to photograph during my short time with the Indians was Alen Hansen. He has a dirty jersey from sliding into first base earlier in the game. You can view that photo below. Here he runs up on a chopper to field it. He just did everything with such a flair that it made it easy to make good photographs of him. As with most of the guys on this countdown, Alen made a few appearances with the Pirates during the course of the season.

Jared Hughes

8. Jared Hughes made some rehab appearances with the Indy Indians. At the time I was contributing for MiLB as well so this was a good news story. This photo made the photos of the week for that week I think more on the strength of who it was over the type of photo that it was. I do like the eyes over the shoulder though so it makes the countdown.

Jung Ho Kang

7. One of the biggest stories early in the season was the rehab of Jung Ho Kang. A lot of eyes were on Indy that would normally not have been as this star was rehabbing. I was playing with some shadows late in a game when I was on Kang as a line drive came right to him. I would have liked to have been lower for this photo, but I still like the timing of it.

Danny Ortiz

6. This is a photo that you cannot make very often at Victory Field. The orientation of the stadium does not allow direct light into the clubhouse tunnel during most night games. At this 11 o’clock game though the light would come into the tunnel. Knowing I had only a few opportunities for a photo like this I camped out in the small walkway to make an image. I liked this one of Danny Ortiz making his way onto the field.

5. Sometimes you don’t capture peak action, but rather some fun. Here Willy Garcia blows a bubble on his way back into the dugout. This was early in the game, and the light was not the greatest, but I liked the moment. This countdown is about my favorite photos from my time there so this comes in at number five.

Dan Gamache

4. This is the second time that Dan Gamache has made the countdown. I really don’t know why I like this photo so much, but for some reason I have always liked it. Maybe it is because it has many of the elements that I was there to cover in it. You clearly see the 20th anniversary patch on the shoulder as well as most of the Indians logos. This was a quick moment during the pre game warm ups, and one that I liked.

3. Here is another example of when logos came into play. On Opening Night I saw the shadows creeping into the outfield. Shooting anything in the shadows of the infield towards the outfield would result in a very bright distracting background. I moved up to the concourse to get rid of that problem. As I looked out I saw that Willy Garcia was just on the edge of the shadow with the 20th anniversary logo in the background. I thought that this would be a good promo photo, and I must have been right as I have seen it used many times throughout the season.

Alen Hanson

2. This is my favorite action photo from the 2016 Indy Indians season. Alen Hanson is a player that will try and get as big of a lead as he can. Knowing he may be diving back into the bag I got as low as I could, and focused on him. He rewarded me by diving back into the base. I love the dirt flying, and the reflection in his glasses. This was a good moment, and one that I am proud of.

Victory Field

  1. During a Friday night game I went out to the outfield to try and find a good location to photograph the fireworks from. The sky was looking pretty good on my way back into the stadium so I looked for some interesting fans in the foreground. I found a group, and as luck would have it a cotton candy vendor walked right into my frame. To me this photo just screamed baseball. Once again it was not peak action, but tells a story. This was my favorite photo from the Indy Indians season.

The 2016 MiLBY’s

This year the MiLBY’s are here yet again. When the season started my goal was to defend my title from last year. A lot of people came through for me to help me win that title. A bad contract offered by the Indians stopped that from happening this year. The good news for the Indians is that they have a good photographer in their design department in Adam Pintar. He made many great images this past season for the Indians. One of them was chosen for this years MiLBY’s. You can vote for Adam’s photo here.


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