Photographing Lettuce at the Lafayette Theater

Lettuce Brings the Funk to the Lafayette Theater

Last night I was at the Lafayette Theater to see The Geek x Vrv and Lettuce perform. After my time at Austin City Limits having some fun with my new iPhone I realized that I wanted to give a couple of concerts a try with my dSLR. The phone was nice, but nothing beats having the newest Canon in your hands. Thanks to the folks at the Lafayette Theater I had three songs with each band to come up with something. I have photographed some very cool sporting events this year from the Final Four to and MLB game, but for some reason concert photography seems to be the hardest to get into . I love the light and the possibilities that it brings. At a sporting event you could wait all game for the light to be just right, and even then a cloud or circumstances could ruin your day. Ever been at a sporting event when the best light of the day is during halftime? It is a terrible feeling. The Lafayette Theater has a great light kit making your job easy as a photographer. You just have to find the moments where the light is the best. With no in as far as concert photography goes I don’t know when I will get to do this again, but I want to do it a lot.

The Show Starts With The Geek x Vrv

I really did not know what to expect with this portion of the show. I am a very old school guy who still thinks that you needs instruments to form a band. I was watching the members of The Geek Vrv perform though, and I was amazed at what they were doing. I did not think I would like it at all, but when they were done I thought the show went by very quickly. That was a good sign. They had the crowd moving, and they seemed to be having a great time so what more do you want?

More Photos From the Night

I have really been wanting to shoot some concerts for a while now. The whole no ‘professional’ cameras thing prevents me from getting my dSLR into an event. What makes me laugh is that while I can’t have my camera in an event the person next to me can be filming the entire set in 4k with the new iPhone. My still pictures are bad, but the professional video of the show is just fine. That happened again last night at the show. At some point you have to just chalk it up to technology getting ahead of the rules. I have seen some great concert photography lately though, and it was cool to get out and make some images using someone else’s light. No front light on the musicians makes the job a little harder, but it the challenge made it fun as well. Below are a couple of bonus shots that I liked from the night. Every post for the next few days will be sports related so enjoy some non-sports photos while you can.


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