Purdue Football Takes Back the Cannon

Purdue Wins a Hard Fought Game Against Illinois to Reclaim the Cannon

Last week could not have been an easy week for anyone around the Purdue football program. The Maryland game was a hard one, and people were coming out of the woodwork to bash the program. In short Purdue football needed a win in the worst way. Against a good Illinois team they brought home the win as well as the cannon trophy. This might be one of the best college games that I have photographed in person. Combine that with the great high school game the night before, and you have a pretty good weekend making football photos. This was an idea that we came up with a few weeks ago to cover an away game that was close. We picked a great one to see.

Visiting Champaign Again

Yesterday I was in Champaign, Illinois yet again for a sporting event. For some reason I seem to end up there a lot covering sports. This was the third time that I have seen the Boilers play football in Memorial Stadium there, but the first working on the field. I have to say that Illinois does a great job of making sure the photographers have a good day. They have a photographer area at field level that makes editing easy and quick, and the field staff are very helpful.

More Photos From the Game

I really had no intention of making an Exposure page for this game. I had made one for the Slicer game the night before, and I thought I would just put the photos in my best of the week post. After the game though the adrenaline was flowing, and I knew that I would make an Exposure page. I had covered the game from the initial warm ups to the final celebration so it made for a good page. You can see that page here.

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