Building Up Austin

Austin, Texas is Going Higher

One thing that I noticed in my short time in Austin was the fact that the city is under construction. Maybe it is just the section that I was in, but everything seemed like it was being worked on. I don’t think that it was a bad thing. In fact I think that the city is really growing at this point. All around the building that I stayed in the sound of cranes could be heard in the morning. I saw this view on the night that I arrived in Austin, and I was right back there the next morning as the sun came up. I like this small view of the city that you get here. The bend of the river, and the crane symbolizing the growth of the town.

Photographing Through a Glass Window

One thing that is not always easy to do is to photograph though a glass window. I could not be right up on the glass because of the angles here so I needed to pull one side of the lens off of the glass. When you do that you invite reflections into the photo. To combat this I brought a black t-shirt out with me to wrap around my lens to cut down on that reflection. That allowed me to make this photo without the distractions that you get with many reflections all around the frame.

The Week In Photos

This week was a fun week to make photos. For the first time really this year football dominated my weekend. I have shot a little football, but this past weekend I was able to shoot two great games in two days. I really could not have asked for much more than that. Here is a link to my weekly post where I show off some of my favorite images every week. I have also put together two photo stories on Exposure from both football games this past weekend that I am very proud of. I really had a great time photographing the games this past week, and I cannot wait to see Purdue this weekend again when they host Iowa for homecoming.


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