The LaPorte Slicer Go 8-0 and Win the Duneland Conference

Watching the LaPorte Slicers Play Football Again

The last time that I was able to see the LaPorte Slicers play was when they were in the State Championship game two years ago. I had a lot of fun seeing the orange and black play, and I made it a point to get out and see them play again. Well here it is nearly two years later, and I finally was able to see them play again. This game felt just as big as that title game did. The Slicers were 7-0 coming into the game and rival Michigan City was 6-1. It was homecoming for City, and LaPorte just needed a win to take the Duneland Athletic Conference crown. At one point it seemed like they were on their way to an easy victory. They scored to go up 28-7, and Michigan City seemed to be melting down. One big run by Michigan City changed all of that. The big mo was in their favor, and it took everything that LaPorte had to hang on and win 42-35. This was a great game between to very good teams. A game like this should come down to the wire. My heart would have liked the blowout, but you don’t always get what you need. The did get the W though, and I am sure the celebration carried over from Michigan City into LaPorte last night. This is a program on the rise.

My How Things Have Changed

Back when I played for LaPorte (before many of the kids playing yesterday and maybe some coaches were born), we didn’t go to State Title games and win the DAC. When I went to LaPorte baseball was king. Now it seems as if football has become the sports to watch at LaPorte. They had some really great athletes on the field last night, and I think that they have bigger things coming for them this season. As I was driving home I was going over my schedule for the next few weeks in my head. At some point I would love to get back to see this team play again. It may be a few Fridays away, but I want to make that happen.This is a new era of Slicer football, and I really enjoyed seeing it live.

More Photos From the Game

Last night I put together an Exposure page for the game that you can find here. That was a phenomenal game that


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