This Blog Turns Five!

Five Years of Posting a Photo a Day

It is hard to believe, but five years ago I had this bright idea to start a photo 365 project. I was thinking of a way to jump start my creativity, and the photo 365 project seemed like a good way to do that. I needed a way to show off my photos so I started this blog as a way to do that. By posting my photos each day I created a little accountability for myself. I would have to post my photo or show that I failed to everyone. Of course at the time this thing was started my parents might have been the only people looking at it. In a way I don’t blame them. As I experimented with new ideas I posted great photos such as my pizza. Who can forget the photo of leaves on a tree? For me it is painful to look back at the early archives of this site. Part of my growth as a photographer though is the small things that I learned during that photo 365 project. Sitting back and thinking about what has happened to me in the last five years is kind of crazy. How did I get here?

The Photo That Started it All

The photo that made me want to post them all to the public was the photo above of Danny Anthrop returning a punt for a touchdown for Central Catholic. The play started going away from me, but seeing a hole Danny came around the corner towards me. I liked the gesture here, and at the time I thought that I nailed the photo. With the equipment that I had I think that I did alright here. This was with my old Canon 60D and my Canon 75-300mm lens. The 60D was my new camera at the time, and I was thrilled with it. The 75-300mm lens was one that has an f-stop of f/5.6 when used at 300mm. That is not ideal for shooting high school football, but I made it work. As that season moved on I shot a lot more football. The game moves differently when you are down on the field, and here I was learning how to make my photos interesting. I saw quite a few games at CC that year, but I have not been back since. You can read that first blog post here. Tonight I will be shooting a football game back home in northern Indiana so in a way it is cool that I can celebrate five years with another high school game.

The Role of the Anthrop Family on the Blog

As I said above the very first photo on this blog was of Danny Anthrop while playing in high school. The fact that he showed up on the blog that day was sort of a fluke. He was the clear star of that game, and the photo was of a big play of that game. The next year I posted a photo of Danny as a Boilermaker because I liked the idea of bookending the projecting with photos of the same player. It then became a tradition to post photos of Danny each year. Well now he graduated so what do I do? Luckily this is an athletic family, and Danny has a brother Jackson on the Purdue football team. So for the next couple of years anyway the yearly tradition of an Anthrop on the blog on October 7th will continue.

The Future of This Blog

For the past couple of years I have really looked hard at what I am doing with this blog. It is not easy to post a photo a day. It does not sound like much, but at times it can be really taxing. This past weekend is a good example of that. Getting ready for a four day trip out of town instead of concentrating on packing I was scheduling posts ahead of time. At one point I thought that this would be the last of the daily posts. I have spent most of the year with that in mind. For now though I think I will keep up the daily posts for a while. The next few days giving me some great material to work with will help that along.


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