Day Three of the Austin City Limits Music Festival

Enjoying the Final Day of the Austin City Limits Music Festival

After two great days at the Austin City Limits Music Festival I was excited to enter Ziker park again on Sunday. I had one act that I really wanted to see, and a few that I was excited to see. Just like day one it was a bluebird day for the entire day. The clouds that put out a little rain on Saturday were long gone. I can’t stress enough just how well run this festival was, and how much fun that makes it to attend. I have only been to a few festivals, but this one really makes it easy to just attend and have fun. I don’t know who will be playing next year, but I would love to attend again. I missed the first 14 festivals, but I hope that I won’t miss many in the future.

Highlights From Day Three of ACL

This has to start with Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. I thought that they stole the show at the Eaux Claires, and they did not disappoint on the Samsung stage here. The day really started for us around 1 after we left Austin Kiddie Limits to see Avery Sunshine. She was one of those acts that just gets you moving. From there we pretty much held down a spot at the Samsung main stage for most of the day. We saw acts like Kacey Musgraves and Margo Price while waiting for our main acts. I really enjoyed Kacey. I had never heard her music before, but once again her stage presence made it fun for everyone in the crowd. Of course Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats was a great way to spend the afternoon. This was the only time that I fought for a little space to get close to the stage during the weekend. With our three year old in tow we often just camped out with some chairs just past the sound board. Our festival closed with Chris Stapleton and Mumford and Sons. I think that Mumford and Sons was the perfect way to end the weekend. They put on a very energetic and fun show that put a great exclamation point on the weekend.

Testing Out Portrait Mode on the New iPhone 7

One thing that made me upgrade to the new iPhone was the new portrait mode. Of course when I got the phone that portrait mode was still in beta testing. A little help from a friend helped me get a beta version and have the portrait mode. I had fun using the feature and showing it to some of the people that I made photos of. It really gives your photo a better look, and will be fun to keep using. I am not sure when the new update will come with portrait mode in it, but I can bet that my Instagram feed will see an upgrade as well.

More Photos From Day Three of ACL

Here are a few bonus photos from the final day of ACL that I liked. I also have put together some of my favorite photos from the past week into my weekly Exposure post here.

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