Photographing the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls

Back at the Brawl House to Photograph the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls

Last Saturday I was back at the Brawl House to see the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls as they continue their 2016 season. As it seems is the norm lately I had a scheduling conflict that could possibly make me miss the bout. A three set sweep allowed me to finish a little early and head over to the Brawl House to see the second half of their bout. That was good news as I don’t get to photograph enough roller derby. It is a sport that many around here turn their noses up at, but the photos seem to make themselves. The subjects are great, and the sport is fun. When the second half ended I had a feeling that I should be shooting more. That did not happen though. I will have to wait until next time I guess.

More Photos From the Brawlin’ Dolls Bout

Here you can find some more photos from the bout. The photos are there to download for free for non-commercial purposes. My only request is that you credit back to me if you use them on social media. The best part about roller derby is that everything seems to photograph well. Even the award ceremonies can be fun to photograph. This post comes about a week after the bout. It is not because I don’t like roller derby, but more because of timing. During a volleyball tournament I find myself with some downtime to deal with. I have found that writing my posts for the next week is a good way to use that time. Except for one day this blog was scheduled out through today with posts. That makes it easy on me, but makes some of the items appear a little old.


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