Day One of the Eaux Claires

Finding My Way to the Eaux Claires

Last year Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner came up with a unique idea. They would invite a bunch of artists to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to play a festival there. The lineup last year was very good, but life got in the way, and we were not able to attend. This year we were not going to miss it. The trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin is not an easy one for us. It is a fairly long drive with a few potential trouble spots for traffic. We arrived Thursday night so that we could get to the festival early Friday morning. We stayed at a hotel with a shuttle bus to the festival so we had a great mode of transportation for the weekend. As we got off the bus we realized that we were indeed on a farm. The walk from the bus tot he main gate was a little long, but that is what makes this so unique. We were part of the first group into the festival, and we were in for a treat.

Day One of the Eaux Claires

On day one of the festival we were treated to some fun and interesting shows. In all we saw all or part of ten acts that first day. We took in Tenement, NOXROY, Eighth Blackbird, Richard Reed Parry, Phosphorescent, Senyawa, Little Scream, Deafheaven, LNZNDRF, Bruce Hornsby, and Bon Iver. Part of the fun of this festival is how everyone seemed to be everywhere joining in for songs everywhere. Highlights of day one for us included Tenement, Richard Reed Parry, Phosphorescent, Little Scream, and Bon Iver. Of course being the hometown star Bon Iver put on a heck of a show debuting his new album 22, A Million. One of the small surprises of day one though was Little Scream. I did not know much about them going into the festival, but they put on a great show. They also seemed to be having the time of their lives doing it which is what it is all about. You can tell a lot about an artist by who comes to see them play at something like this, and the crowd was full of other artists checking them out. We saw some acts that we didn’t like as well, but that is what this festival is all about. They were not to our tastes, but they were out there doing their thing. It may not have been for us, but there was a crowd for everyone. We thought that day one was pretty good. We had no idea that day two would blow the doors off of it. More on that tomorrow though.

Using the Canon Powershot G16 to Make Photos

As with most music venues this one did not allow my dSLR (a professional camera) inside the gates. I did what I always do, and I brought my Canon Powershot G16 to the venue. The G16 is a powerful little camera that lets me control the exposure which is something a lot of point and shoot cameras do not do. It lets me decide what is important to me which is what photography is all about. I made the photo of Bon Iver just as he came on to the stage with the camera, and it is probably my favorite concert photo that I have ever taken. It is the black and white photo above here. Without a photo pass the camera is very limiting, but in the end that helps me turn off my creative side and enjoy the show.

The Week in Photos

This past week I was able to see some amazing things, and even luckier to photograph them. This might be one of my favorite weeks for my weekly Exposure page which you can find here. I also want to thank everyone who took the time to check out my photo essay from the Colt World Series. It is one of my most popular photo stories to date, and it means a lot that so many people took the time to check out my work. If you missed it you can find it here.

Eaux Claires Day One Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos that I liked from day one of the Eaux Claires. I did not make many photos on the day, but I was able to capture some scenes that I really enjoyed.


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