Hanging Out at the Purdue Engineering Fountain

I know that I post a lot of photos of the Purdue Engineering Fountain. For some reason it is the spot that I go to first for photos usually. This was the last of my series of photos at the fountain that night. I was playing around with some long exposures to see what I could do with them that night. When I made this photo I did so thinking that I would flip half of the photo to make it symmetrical. As I was getting ready to post the photo I opened up Photoshop to do just that when I realized that I liked the fact that things weren’t perfect here. Life is not perfect. Why should this photo be?

A Nearly Empty Campus

Usually we spend a lot of time on campus in the summer before the students come back for the fall. This year though we have really dropped the ball that way. I have only spent a little time on campus as other things have seemed to have caught my eye. Soon campus will be busy again, and the townies will have to share it again. On a night like the one above at the beginning of July though I had this walkway to myself for a long time.


About Pinola Photo

I am a sports and lifestyle photographer based in West Lafayette, IN home of Purdue University. I cover sports for Big Ten teams as well as other colleges. You can follow me on twitter @pinolaphoto. You can also view my website at www.davewegielphoto.net

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