The Lafayette Aviators vs. the Kokomo Jackrabbits

The Indiana 26 Rivalry Continues in Lafayette

When I saw that Lafayette would have a Prospect League team this year I was excited about the prospect of having two teams so close to me to watch. Last year I covered quite a few games for the Jackrabbits, and this season I have had the opportunity to cover a few games for the Aviators. I really love shooting in Loeb Stadium, and I don’t like to hear that they will be tearing it down to build a bigger park. The light really is amazing here late in the day, and a bigger stadium would possibly ruin that. Maybe it will create more chances for interesting images. We will have to see. Both of these teams play one more time this season on Saturday with a playoff spot on the line. The rivalry is good early in its existence.

Going Small

Late in the game I packed up the 400mm and put the 24-105mm lens on my camera. I wanted to pull back from the action a little. Early on in that process I was rewarded with the photo above. With a bigger stadium you will never get the sun that low on the horizon working for you. I had some fun walking around with the smaller lens scouting some spots for the upcoming Colt World Series. This will be a fun weekend as teams from all over the world come to Lafayette.

Have a Day Griffin Robinson!

Have you ever really wanted that great birthday? I think that Griffin Robinson of the Lafayette Aviators had that today. He went 3 for 3 on the night with a home run and an RBI. He then got the rest of the night off to celebrate his big day. I think that the coaches should have the calendar on August 2nd for him everyday!


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