2016 Prospect League All Star Game

Rain Washes Away the 2016 Prospect League All Star Game

Last night I was back in Kokomo to photograph the 2016 Prospect League All Star game. I was looking forward to the event as I had not photographed a baseball game since I left Nashville in early June. The 80’s retro Padres uniforms made it interesting as well. Mother nature had other plans though as a blown transformer took out the lights for a while, and wasted valuable time. We knew a storm was coming, and any time wasted was time that could not be gotten back. When the rain finally came it was there to stay so the game was called in the fourth inning. It was a fun time even with the rain. The players really seemed to enjoy the all star experience. The game was called just as the subs were getting into the game. The game seemed to be heating up just as it was called. The players really wanted to win it on both sides so it would have been fun to see through to completion. As it was we will just have to enjoy what we saw and move on to the second half of the Prospect League season.

Rain Delay Theater

Yesterday during the first delay the players started coming up with fun ways to pass the time. The used paper cups to bowl across the field to the other team. I heard what I thought was a joke about jousting, but when I turned to see what I saw above I realized that I was not hearing things. The east team had a jousting setup ready to go. When the duo first came out the person jousting did not have any protective gear on. They quickly gave him gear, but the player holding him seemed to be in just as much danger did not have any. The west team failed to produce a knight to joust, but it was probably just as well as someone probably would have gotten hurt here. It was still a fun photo to make though.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the night that I enjoyed. I have a full Exposure gallery up here with some of my favorite shots from the past two days as well. I had a plan to move around during the second half of the game, but the weather did not cooperate.


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