The 2016 Prospect League Home Run Derby

Trey Mathis Wins the 2016 Prospect League Home Run Derby

Last night I was back in the saddle shooting sports again. I was also back in a familiar place which was Kokomo Municipal Stadium. I have shot a lot of games there, but last night might have been the most fun that I have had. I moved around quite a bit to try and get a few different takes on the action. I did not take my 400 as I knew that I would be able to get much closer to the action than I normally can. In fact I could get a shot like the one above from just behind the catcher with my 24-105. Watching batting practice I was not sure how the night would go. A steady wind was howling out to left field, but it was not a factor for most of the competition. The athletes really put on a show, and crushed a lot of balls out of the park. In the end though Trey Mathis took home the title. Along the way we were treated to a lot of excitement as players went on streaks to carry them on in the competition. If the All Star game has as much excitement as we did last night we will be in for quite a show tonight.

Back at Kokomo Municipal Stadium

Last night as I said above I was back again at Kokomo Municipal Stadium. This is a beautiful creation right in the middle of downtown Kokomo. Last year it seemed like I would find a few more upgrades each time that I shot at the ballpark. I found a few more when I shot the three game series between Purdue and Ohio there this past spring. When I walked up to the stadium yesterday I was shocked at just how much had been accomplished since March. This stadium really is a beautiful one, and it is no wonder that they have won the Best of the Ballparks competition by Baseball Digest two years in a row now.

Trying Something New

Monday I was thinking of a way to cover the derby a little differently than I have in the past. I thought that putting a GoPro on the catcher’s mask would give a unique angle to the action. I googled it to see if it had been done before, and it has a few times. I went with it anyway just to see what I could get. What I got was a lot of footage to go through yet, but here is one shot that stuck out at me as I went through everything. One thing that you notice going through it is just how close the bat comes to the catcher’s head each and every pitch. Eventually one bat got too close, and knocked my GoPro off of the catcher’s mask. The GoPro came away unscathed, but the case it was in is now gone. I will post a link to some of the better footage later in the week after I have had a chance to go through it a bit more. I think in a normal game it would be easier, but with so many swings on the night it will be a chore to go through.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few extra photos that I liked from the night. I will put an Exposure page up after the All Star game is complete.

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