Starting the Day at the Ocean City Pier

Sunrise at One of My Favorite Places

One of the highlights each year in Ocean City, Maryland is the mornings that I spend waiting for the sun to rise at the Ocean City pier. I have tried a few other locations over the years at sunrise, but this is the one. I love the way that the light comes through the legs, and you can’t beat the sound of the ocean before first light. I have posted many pictures over the years on this blog from sunrise at the pier, and I am sure many more will come over time. I usually have the beach to myself until just before sunrise, and then after a few minutes I get it back to myself. Sometimes it is just nice to get out and have some time to yourself on vacation. My mornings at the beach long before anyone else gets up are those times.

Finding a New Title For the Ocean City Pier Photos

As I said above I have made many posts over the years showing this pier from different angles and years. As I went back through them I realized that I have repeated the same title many times. One of the fun things about posting a photo a day is coming up with the titles. Sometimes it is amazingly easy as it was the past two days. I just post where I was when I made the sports pictures. When it comes to some of my travel shots I have more difficulty at times coming up with a new title. This blog is nearly five years old with at least one post a day for that period. Coming up with unique titles can be fun. Early on I really was using song titles and lyrics for my photos. Sometimes they corresponded to what I was listening to when I made the photo. Lately I have been more literal for SEO purposes. As this blog grows I may go back to the old way. I used to measure my success as a photographer with the hits that this blog got. Early on that was my only way to measure it. Now though past and future clients inform me on how I am doing more than numbers on a blog. As I approach the five year anniversary of the blog I just may return to the original form of the blog.


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